About Ahmed!

popnculture author Ahmed with his family in a beach
Me with my beautiful family enjoying beach on a sunny day.

Hello there! I welcome you to popnculture.com, where I share my journey to become a collector and help you grow your collection.

I bought my first pop back in 2021. It was Genie 54 and Jafar 53. These two pops are the reason I fell in love with funko Pop. I also collect other things, but Funko pops and trading cards are my favourites. I have bought, sold and traded over 200 pops and still counting.

Throughout my journey, I have learned a few things that I think are important for anyone just starting. I can help you understand exclusive stickers, spot fake Chinese pops, display ideas, solve storage problems and many more.

Here’s a little portion I started my journey with that is building every day.

I am pretty active on funko communities on Facebook and Reddit, and I buy and sell funko pops on eBay. Check out my eBay store, where I list funko pops I don’t need anymore.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions, trading offers, or even buying/selling purposes. I will always get back to you as soon as possible.