Let’s Track Down All 109 Funko Pop Exclusive Stickers Now!

Things can get a bit overwhelming for a beginning collector when it comes to funko pop stickers, and I can totally relate.

The types of stickers, their value, differences and which one to collect can be daunting for you in the beginning. And how many pop stickers are there in total, anyway?

As of now, Funko has come up with more than 109 types of exclusive stickers that fall into 12 different categories. Every sticker will have the name and details on it. Like which place or store it’s exclusive to or piece count if they are limited in production.

It’s very hard to track down each and every sticker out there, as funko didn’t share any exact statistics. But I believe I have mentioned almost 95% of the stickers here.

What Is Piece Count and Unique Feature?

Before diving deep into the article, let’s get clear on two primary things so you don’t mix things up. Let’s make it easier to understand before going into the types of exclusive stickers.

Limited Piece Count

Starting with the limited piece count, which is basically limited production of any particular pop.

They can be limited anywhere from 50 to 5,000 pieces or even more. This makes things very interesting as funko continues to produce limited-piece characters every year in Comicons.

Now, coming to the main point that piece count doesn’t mean different variations of stickers. They’ll simply mention the number on the respective stickers if it’s a limited count.

Added Features

Sometimes, Funko adds unique features to their pops and a sticker with the name of the feature on it. Again, these are added features, not different designs of the character like the Chase variants.

Let’s take a look at the types of features Funko Pop has-

funko pop stickers of art series, diamond collection, flocked, gitd, metallic and scented

Glow In The Dark (a.k.a GITD): As the name suggests, it glows at night or in dark environments.

Flocked: When a pop has a flocked sticker, it means it is covered with a furry coating that feels like velvet.

Diamond or Glitter: This is a glittery object that helps a pop sparkle.

Scented: Pop that has its own smell. These are hard-to-find pops.

Metallic: A pop that feels like it is made of metal is called Metallic. They are vinyls but look like metal.

Blacklight: Blacklight is kinda like GITD, but unlike GITD, you need UV lights to see their magic.

Art Series: There is a special series of pops that’s called “Funko Art Series”. Pops in this series are designed with a mixture of colours, like street paint.

12 Different Categories of Funko Exclusive Stickers

Exclusives Pops always have stickers attached to the pop window. These stickers usually include the name of the event, release time, and piece count if they are limited in production.

They can also refer to a specific variant or version of a Funko Pop that is not widely available and is exclusive to a particular retailer, convention, event, or region, making them more sought after by collectors.

To understand better, I have divided all the stickers available in the market into 11 categories below. Every sticker out there falls into these categories.

  • Funko Shop Exclusive
  • Special Edition
  • Chase
  • Retailer Exclusives
  • Speciality Series
  • Exhibition/Celebration Exclusive
  • Comicon Exclusives
  • Shared Exclusive
  • Regional Exclusives
  • Mystery Box Exclusives
  • NFT Release or Pop Digital
  • Fan Vote Winner Sticker

Important Note: The design of these Stickers keeps getting updated time to time, especially for Comicon and retail ones. So don’t get confused if you find format or layout differences in them. Just keep in mind that the brand or event names will remain same, and so will the value.

Now, let’s check the categories these stickers fall into.

1. Funko Shop Exclusive

Funko shop exclusive stickers that are generally released only on funko.com for online purchases or at Funko HQ and Hollywood stores. This means that the funko company is selling them directly to the collectors.

So yes, Funko has its own stores where they sell all its inventories, not just funko pops.

set of five Funko shop exclusive stickers

Have you ever seen a blue sticker that says Funko Limited edition and a logo that looks like a briefcase? That’s a typical Funko Shop exclusive sticker as you can see.

Below are the five types of variations:

  • Funko shop exclusive
  • Limited Piece Count
  • Funko Hollywood Exlusive
  • Funko HQ Exclusive
  • Funko Insider Club

2. Special Edition Sticker

I think most collectors would agree with me that this is probably the most bland and least valuable sticker that funko has ever come up with.

Funko shop exclusive stickers

Though funko changed the design to a better version, it is still the least favourite among many collectors.

I only had a Miles Morales 402 with a special edition.

3. Chase Variants

Chase is basically a different variant of a common funko pop and one of the most desirable stickers among funko collectors after the convention.

Now, you might be thinking that there are other store-exclusive funko pops of a common character, so what is different about Chase?

Well, it may sound a bit confusing, but it’s not to be honest. Store exclusives like Hot Topic, Target, Walmart, etc, are not different from a common pop apart from their exclusive sticker. But Chase has significant design differences compared to the standard version of the pop.

There are chase variants of store-exclusive pops, too. This means you can only get that chase from the respective store, such as Hot Topic. Take “Gyomei Himejima 1091” from Demon Slayer as an example.

four types of Funko pop chase stickers

Regular Chase

The classic yellow coloured sticker with “Chase Limited Edition” written in the middle.

Glow Chase

Chase sticker with a glow-in-the-dark feature. Remember I mentioned at the start about the added feature? In this case, Funko merged Chase with an extra GITD feature.

They come in a combo of green and black colour and clearly say “Glow Chase” on the sticker.

Flocked Chase

Again, it’s a combination of chase and flocked features. So the stickers say “Flocked Chase Limited Edition. The theme colour of the sticker is pink.

Bloody Chase

Bloody Chase is a chase variation with a common chase sticker, and blood (red) spots all over the pop and box. Take Bloody John Snow 07 and John Wick 387 as examples.

But there is one sticker from 2017 that says “bloody chase” instead of just chase. Search for Leatherface 11 from Chainsaw Massacre.

At the beginning, chases were made 1/36. This means that out of every 36 funko pops, there is only one chase variant. Making it very rare to find back in the days.

However, now it’s 1/6, which means your chances of finding Chase is one out of six.

4. Retailer/Shop/Brand Exclusives

Enough of Chase talk. Here comes the most saturated part of exclusive stickers. There are countless retail shops in the USA alone that have their own exclusive funko pops.

These are variations that are only available through specific retailers or stores. The specific names and designs of these stickers can vary depending on the retailer.

Some well-known retailers that have offered exclusive Funko Pop figures include:

fifteen retail exclusive stickers of funko pop
set of fifteen retail exclusive funko pops stickers on an orange background

  • Hot Topic Exclusives
  • Target Exclusives
  • Walmart Exclusive
  • Amazon Exclusive
  • Walgreens Exclusive
  • 7 Eleven Exclusive
  • EB Exclusive
  • Chalice Collectibles
  • Gemini Collectibles
  • Galactic Toys
  • Harrison’s Exclusive
  • BAM Exclusive
  • BAIT Exclusive
  • Blockbuster Exclusive
  • Funimation Exclusive
  • Spirit Haloween Exclusive
  • BoxLunch Exclusive
  • Entertainment Earth
  • Toy Tokyo Exclusive
  • Foot Locker Exclusive
  • Barnes and Noble
  • JB Hi-Fi
  • Gamestop
  • EMP Exclusive
  • Michaels Exclusive
  • Only At Go!
  • Midtown Comic
  • AE Exclusive
  • Only at BestBuy
  • PlayStation Exclusive
  • Fantastic Plastic Winner Exc
  • Rare Store Exclusive
  • Australia Zoo Exclusive
  • Underground toys
  • Toys R Us
  • PIAB (pop in a box)
  • FYE Exclusive
  • Fanatics Exclusive
  • AAA Anime Exclusive
  • Toytastic Exclusive
  • Fugitive Toys Exclusive
  • Comikaze Exclusive
  • Lootcrate Exclusive
  • Stanlee Collectibles
  • MyGeekBox Exclusive
  • Big Apple Collectibles
  • WWE Exclusive
  • Bungie Store Exclusive
  • Toy Temple Exclusive
funko pop's retail store exclusive stickers picture
set of five store exclusive pop stickers

As you can see, the gigantic list goes on and on, and it’s not possible to describe every one of them here. But don’t get too hung up on them. You can typically see the name of that retail shop on the sticker.

So, take note if possible, or just bookmark this page if you can for future reference.

5. Exclusive Stickers Related To Comic-Con

Comic-con is the most anticipated event for the funko community. Every year, funko drops new lineups, and the community gets all hyped up. Everyone gets crazy to get their hands on the limited piece counts.

The sticker will feature the name of the specific event where the figure was available. These stickers are used to differentiate the limited-release figures from standard retail versions.

The older these pops get, the more they become valuable in general. Imagine the prices for 2013 SDCC pops now! But this doesn’t happen in all cases, though.

However, I am not going to discuss what gets valuable as it is something I am saving for later. Let’s see the typical comicon versions and all the stickers related to the event.

picture of seven comic con exclusive pop stickers

  • SDCC (San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive
  • NYCC (New York Comic Con Exclusive)
  • ECCC (Emerald City Comic Con Exclusive)
  • LACC Comicon (Los Angeles Comic Con)
  • Dallas Comicon
  • Blacklight Battle
  • M.C.M Comicon London
  • ToyCon Exclusive
  • Haloween Comicon
  • R Comicon Exclusive
  • Complex Con Sticker
  • Hall H
photos of funko pop comicon exclusive stickers

Funko Fundays or Box of Fun: There are a few other stickers you may have seen where the sticker says Fundays. This is an event related to the San Diego Comicon. Basically, funko tries to spice things up a bit with Fundays besides the convention events.

Although it’s an event inside the Comicon, you have to buy separate tickets to enter. So Fundays features a “box of fun” surprise package that includes limited edition lineups. You won’t be able to know what you’re gonna get until you open them like a mystery box.

6. Convention or Shared Stickers

If you are somewhat familiar with the funko pop collectors community, you may have heard the term- “shared stickers”. So, what’s a shared sticker?

They are basically ‘shared versions’ of the original Comicon exclusive stickers. The pop inside will be the exact same but with a different sticker. I know it’s a little confusing, but that’s how it is.

So, when the retailer shops order the new drops from the same year’s comicon event, they will get them with a sticker deviation. This variation will determine whether a pop has been bought at the Comicon event or not. Collectors love to have the con-exclusive stickers.

picture of eight convention or shared exclusive stickers

Below are the leading shared versions of a con sticker that you will see most.

  1. Summer Convention
  2. Fall Convention
  3. Winter Convention
  4. Spring Convention
  5. Galactic Convention
  6. Wonderous Convention Exclusive/Wondercon
  7. Virtual Convention
  8. Funkon Exclusive

Keep in mind that value-wise, Comicon exclusive stickers always pose a big difference in price.

7. Funko Specialty Store Series

So, we already know about the retail store exclusives that are only available at the respective shop or store.

But what about the hundreds of other local shops and comic stores? Stores like boutique retail, local comic book shops, or even different online retailers.

picutre of specialty

Well, above is the version of exclusive pops that Funko make only for those local small businesses. You will see pops with “Funko Speciality Series” written on the sticker.

8. Exhibition/Celebration Sticker

Apart from the conventional comicon event, we’ve got events like Star Wars Celebration, Jurassic Word exhibition, Mickey Mouse Exhibition. So Funko drops their new exclusive lineups from the respective franchise here.

You also may have seen stickers with the HT Expo, which is actually from the retailer- Hot Topic. But it’s only for the Expo event, unlike the regular hot topic stickers.

Again, you can see the names of the events on the stickers, just like the other convention events.

Let’s see some of the major stickers in this category.

picture of  seven celebration exlcusive stickers

  1. CE2 ( Celebration Exclusive, used for Star Wars Celebration Events)
  2. Over 9000 Exclusive Dragon Ball Z
  3. Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)
  4. Mickey Mouse Exhibition Exclusive
  5. The Jurassic Park Exclusive
  6. Year Celebration Stickers
  7. Toy fairs from different cities (NY Toy Fair)
  8. Toy Story Land Grand Opening

So far, these are the most popular celebration stickers that Funko has released. I may have missed a few, but as I said, it’s very hard to track down all the stickers.

9. Regional Exclusives

Tired already? Lol, a few more steps.

Here, we have regional exclusive pops. Funko sometimes releases figures that are exclusive to certain countries or regions, making them harder to find for collectors outside of that area.

picture of eight region exclusive pop stickers

Look for stickers like:

  1. Funko- Shop Europe Exclusive
  2. Pop Asia Exclusive
  3. Canadian Convention Exclusive
  4. Japan Toys Exclusive
  5. Gohapi/ China Con Exclusive
  6. Toy Expo (from different countries)
  7. International Comicon Exclusive (CCXP (Brazil as an example)

Funko Around the World: Apart from the list, Funko arranged an international series called “Pop Around The World”. This series takes collectors on a global journey through the eyes of Funko’s mascot, Freddy Funko, and introduces unique Pop!

Fascinating, isn’t it? Moreover, instead of the regular paper stickers, they use a pin to make it look like a souvenir. Check picture number 6 from the left side.

There may be more regional types of stickers, but the listed ones are what I’ve found to be most popular. If you find something else, let me know in the comment box, and I will be happy to list it here with your name.

10. Mystery Box Exclusives

Mystery box exclusives are basically collaborations with different franchises. There are pops, t-shirts, patches, pins, and comic books inside one box as a set, just like a mystery box. Take Marvel Collector Corpse as an example.

different types of mystery box stickers

The most popular stickers you may see are:

  • Disney Treasure Exclusive
  • Marvel Collector Corps
  • Star Wars Smugglers Bounty Exclusive
  • Making Fun Box

11. Funko Fan Vote Winner Sticker

This one is quite interesting. Funko gave its fans a chance to vote for its upcoming Gold Chrome version of a pop. It’s called first ten years fan vote. They released the winning character in NYCC comicon.

12. NFT Release or Pop Digital

picture of seven nft release sticker variations

Last but not least, NFTs, known as non-fungible tokens, are digital versions of funko pops. They are always limited to piece count. Once an NFT series is out in the market, they will not repeat the production.

Funko nailed the design of the NFT series and created hype in the community.

Can Funko Pop Without Stickers Be Valuable?

Value doesn’t depend on the type of stickers. A funko pop without any sticker can be more expensive than the one with an exclusive sticker.

That being said, not all pops with exclusive stickers will hold higher value. It’s the availability, age, rarity, popularity and a few other things that combine to make a pop demandable.

Take vaulted pops as an example. Vaulted means they are no longer in production. So, as long as a popular character becomes vaulted by funko, people start going after them, making the price go up as a result.

Here are a few examples of high-ticket Funko Pop figures according to the PPG website, even without exclusive stickers.

  • Beavis & Butt-Head is going around for 500 USD
  • Nick Fury 14 is about 200 USD, according to eBay sold listing.
  • Ghost Rider 18 Common is around 250 USD
  • Sonic 06 is around 320 USD

There are hundreds of pops that are common yet high in value. So, do some research to understand the market and rarity of the figures you’re interested in before jumping in.

Few Things To Consider Before Collecting

Always be sceptical when purchasing Funko pop figures with exclusive stickers. As with any collectible aftermarket, there are counterfeit or replica stickers except for reputable retailers. And be aware of sticker swapping, too.

Also, it’s always a good idea to confirm the authenticity of the stickers and the pop itself. So verify the source you are buying from.

Take really good care of your collectibles, whether it is funko pops, trading cards or other figures. Be careful while displaying them. The more organised you are, the better for your investment. Please check out my display and care category, where I share valuable tips.

Check the Funko website for vaulted announcements or keep an eye on social collectibles communities (Such as Reddit, Facebook, and Quora) before collecting.

Please let me know if you think there are stickers that I missed somehow. I will be happy to correct myself.

Till then, Happy Collecting!


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