Where & How To Store Funko Pop Boxes in Mint Condition

As you have stumbled upon this article, I am guessing you love to display your pops out of the box, but you also want to store the boxes somewhere safely. So you don’t lose the value over time.

Or, your collection has grown so massive that you don’t have enough space to display all of them. So, you also want to store some of them in a different place.

Either way, you should store your Funko Pop boxes in a dry, moisture-controlled place away from direct sunlight. Flatten the boxes and stack the plastic inserts together if you are displaying oob. You can also use the empty boxes as risers if you don’t want to flatten them.

Let’s give you some more ideas in detail.

Things to consider before storing funko pops

Before jumping to a conclusion and starting to give you ideas, let’s divide the question into two sections.

  1. Where to keep them
  2. How to keep them

It may sound very obvious, but I want you to think one at a time.

First, find out how much free space you have in your house and if it is safe. Then, you can think of different ideas on how you want to store them without any damage.

You also have to take care of the condition and temperature of the place you want to store them.

So, let’s talk about the space first, and then we’ll talk about how to use that space to maximize your storage capacity.

Where To Store Your Funko Pops Safely & Undamaged

As I don’t live in your house, this is something that you have to figure out yourself.

I can only give you some general ideas to think about and look for within your space limitations. You may find something that you didn’t think about.

1. Built In Wardrobe:

If you are living in an apartment, chances are high there are built-in closets in every room. Sometimes, there are empty racks in that wardrobe that we don’t even use.

Here is a photo of how I keep my unwanted pops.

funko pop and shipping boxes inside a white closet

So, if you have spaces left in there, you can use them to store your pop boxes. It is a very safe method as your home has the most suitable temperature for funko pops.

Once again, I am not in your situation, but I know we have clothes and stuff in those closets that we don’t even use. I am just giving you a thought.

2. Shoe rack:

As I live in an apartment, I also have a built-in shoe rack in my house. If you have one, that’s great, as it’s easier to empty some space from our shoe racks than a closet.

Built-in racks usually have a larger space than what we buy from the market. But if you don’t have one, let’s see the other options below.

3. Garage or Storage

House garage containing lots of toys and funko pops

If you have a garage or some sort of storage area in your living place. This is by far the best way, as we can always build some shelves there and store a healthy amount of leftover pops there.

I usually get some shipping boxes that are big enough to hold at least ten boxes with the pops inside and keep them in my storage.

I am planning to build three racks there.

4. Under The Bed

This may sound funny, but it is effective only if you have no problem flattening your boxes. Many oob collectors store their Funko Pop boxes flattened after taking them out of the box.

So, if you want to consider this, make sure the base of your bed is completely flat and has no sharp edges or uneven surfaces.

You can store a lot of boxes that way. And when the time comes, you can resell them at a higher value as they’ve got their boxes in mint condition.

5. Box Container

Another safe and reliable method to store our funko pop boxes without any damage. You can contain up to 15 boxes here if you are not flattening them.

But if you can flatten the boxes with care, this becomes seriously handy and effective to hold a lot of boxes.

6. Shipping boxes or Big Carton

funko pop lot in a large shipping carton

As I said earlier, I also use large shipping boxes or big cartons to keep my unwanted pops and leave them in storage in my garage.

Consider these shipping packages if you don’t want to spend money on those plastic containers.

You can always find them for free at your nearest shopping malls, in your office or maybe in your storage if you properly look for them.

7. Using Boxes As Risers:

This one is a very popular way of utilizing space. If you are solely looking to display your pops out of the box, you can use them as a riser instead of throwing them away. This utilises the boxes and adds a unique tiered look to your display.

Some collectors place their boxes sideways, using the glam shot as a backdrop for the unboxed Pop in front.

Just play with the idea, and you will find your way. Here is a great video on this.

How To Keep The Boxes Without Without Damaging

So, after deciding where to keep the extra boxes, it’s time to think about how to keep them. I understand the struggle of wanting to keep the boxes mint, even when our pops are displayed out of the box.

These days, it’s becoming more and more critical that the secondary market values our collection unless we don’t care at all.

What can we say, it’s a billion-dollar secondary market.

1. Flattening:

If you only want to keep the pops in display and are worried about the boxes, I recommend flattening the boxes if not using them as risers. This way, you can keep a lot of boxes within a minimum space.

Check this video if you are concerned about flattening them properly.

2. Stacking & Labelling The Plastic Inserts

So, what happens to the plastic inserts? What if they all get mixed up, right?

You can stack the plastic inserts separately and mark them using painter’s tape. These tapes are very useful as it doesn’t leave any residue.

Now, write the name and number of the box on the tape to easily identify the insert. Just take off the tape and put them back together whenever you need to.

The Condition & Temperature Of The Storage

Damp areas are very dangerous for funko pop boxes. They can potentially damage the condition and leave water marks on the cardboard like this one.

Top part of a water damaged funko pop box on the floor

So, if you are keeping them in a shipping box, basement or garage storage, consider adding moisture packs and sealing the larger container in a plastic bag.

Always plan for the future. Even if you don’t plan to sell your collection, keeping boxes in mint condition ensures that you have the option.

Store the boxes of more valuable Pops in protected areas, away from potential damage like- direct sunlight, dampness, water, etc.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, the insights I shared offer a good number of options to keep your boxes safe and organized.

Happy Collecting!


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