Do Some Funko Pops Really Have Brains Inside Their Head?

It’s quite interesting how a TikTok trend got collectors to think there might be something inside a Funko Pop’s heads.

People started posting videos and shorts showing they found small brains and even tiny pops. Is this even real?

Sorry for ruining the fun, but there is nothing inside a Funko Pop’s head. It’s just an empty head made from vinyl and plastic. If there were any additional features, Funko would have mentioned that at the time of their release.

So what about all those videos on social media that show small brains, mini-figures and so on? Well, they are all fake.

Why does my Funko Pop rattle then?

If you hear any rattling sound coming from any of your pop’s heads, it simply means there is leftover plastic from the time it was manufactured.

So, don’t ruin your pops trying to find something interesting there unless you are doing it just for fun.

I have seen videos on Reddit of people cutting their pop’s heads, melting them and Voila! There is a small piece of brain lurking inside.

But they are all trying to get some views using a trend that’s all.

What are they made of?

As I mentioned earlier Funko Pops are made of vinyl and Plastic. Although there are a few exclusive versions that look like made of metal it’s not.

That’s basically a shiny coat that makes it look metallic. The core material is vinyl as always.

I also want to ensure that I am talking only about pop figures, not any other collectibles or products from Funko. Some inventories come in plush form.

All the other features such as glow, and flocked are just an additional layer on the body, like metallic pops.

Inside, it’s solely vinyl.

Can you rotate Funko Pop’s heads?

So far we have seen two types of necks. One has bobbleheads where you can see inside their head and the other is sealed.

You can only rotate the closed ones as the spring is static, which means the heads are wobbly. All the scuttlebutt is about these sealed necks that made people think there might be something.

Inside the head of Iron Man 126
Sealed neck of Jon Snow 07

Funko was comprehended as bobbleheads at the very beginning of their release. Later, they all came with rotatable heads except for the Star Wars, Marvel and Genshin lines.

It’s because Hasbro is the only company that is licensed to make Star Wars action figures. So funko had to find another way to avoid the infringement by keeping them as bobbleheads. Similar case to the Marvel and Genshin lineups too.

Anyways, you can rotate their heads but be careful so you don’t loosen them.

Are the body parts removable?

Not by their nature but who’s stopping you for a little fun experiments?

The heads can be popped off and swapped with other Funko Pop figures of the same size, allowing collectors to create unique combinations or mimic scenes from their favourite movies, TV shows, or comics.

Just remember, while it’s fun to mix and match, be gentle when removing and reattaching the heads to avoid damaging the figures.

There are a few videos on YouTube that will guide you to do so.


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