Read This Before Putting Funko Pops In CPU & GPU

If you are a hardcore gamer and a Funko fan also, then displaying your favourite pops inside your PC can be meaningful. You can display pops that resemble your favourite characters from your favourite games or TV shows.

Now, the question is how safe is it? Not just for the pop but also for your PC mostly- Ther Brain Of Your Computer?

I hope this article serves you well as I have tried my best to give you every possible angle to look into.

Let’s go.

What size pops should you consider displaying

Okay, so first thing first. As we know there are sizes from 0.9 inches bitty pop to a gigantic 18 inches mega pop. So what size should you be considering putting on a display that fits your PC safely?

Well, you should not consider anything more than standard 4″ pops, whether it’s a CPU or GPU. The goal should be to display them without obstructing airflow or causing excessive weight inside the PC.

If you have a Full Tower casing, you can go with the bigger-sized Funko Pop because a full tower casing is big. But we are not talking about displaying the on top.

So, size matters here.

Check The Temperature Inside Your PC

To clarify, Funko Pop figures are manufactured using vinyl material. Vinyl is a synthetic material, a type of plastic. It is the primary material used to create collectible figurines.

So, it’s crucial to know how hot your PC normally gets as every material related to plastic has a melting point.

A good range for most modern CPUs is between 30-60° degrees Celsius during idle or low usage. Between 60-80° degrees Celsius under heavy loads like gaming or video editing.

Now, that’s pretty hot. But, is it enough to melt down a pop?

Melting Point of Funko Pops

As per my research, the melting point of vinyl is generally around 160-180° degrees Celsius.

However, Funko Pops are made out of PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) which has a melting tolerance of 100° Degrees Celsius.

Suppose you have a PC that will have a CPU and a nice gaming GPU that has a dual fan to cool it down. The CPU already comes with a stock cooler.

So there’s no chance your PC will heat like boiling water unless there’s an unusual problem.

Try getting a better cooling system. Something like a Liquid Cooler or any after-market air cooler. Besides, the original casing should also have cooling fans fitted on it.

If the temperature still gets higher, then it’s not about the funko pop anymore. You should give it a good check and take it to a service point if needed.

Safer Ways to Display

Let’s get to the point. There are no definitive ways to display funko pops as we all have our preferences. These are just a few ideas I am sharing with you prioritising safety first.

Inside the Casing

If you have a bigger case like ATX you can place your Funko Pop inside your casing on the right side of the PSU cover. You can also display the Funko Pop inside your Micro ATX Case.

How many can you place? It depends on both the size of your Funko Pop and the space inside the case.

On Top

Place your Funko Pop figures directly on top of your PC case. Arrange them however you like. Ensure they don’t obstruct airflow.

It may not look as cool as inside but it’s the safest thing you could do.

Notes Before Displaying On GPU

You can put two Funko Pops of the standard 4″ size. Maximum three if you have a triple fan GPU but it is not recommended and I have never seen anyone doing that.

Avoid putting any extra weight on your GPU as it may bend and make extra heat too due to airflow disturbance.

Moreover, if you have a big CPU cooler inside and if your case is not big enough you will not be able to put more than one figure inside your PC or hardly two.

Are Flocked Pops Safe Inside PC?

While the commons are generally safe to display, the Flocked ones are more susceptible to collecting dust and getting damaged by the heat because of their velvet texture. So, you should be mindful of the potential for increased dust accumulation.

Dust can impede airflow and contribute to heat buildup, which may affect the performance and lifespan of your computer components.

Regular cleaning and maintenance will help. Also, constant PC heat could harm your Funko Pop by making the velvety texture hard.

Ensure that, the figure doesn’t obstruct airflow or come into contact with any components to prevent damage to the flocked material.

What Could Go Wrong

While it’s tempting to showcase your Funko Pop collection inside your computer casing, it’s important to consider the potential risks involved.

Placing Funko pops near your CPU and GPU can lead to the following issues:


Computers generate a significant amount of heat, especially during intense gaming sessions or resource-heavy tasks. Placing Funko Pops near your CPU and GPU can obstruct airflow and hinder proper ventilation.

This results in increased heat buildup, potentially leading to overheating issues for your computer components.

Overheating leads to issues like hanging or suddenly shutting down when gaming decreases in FPS.

Interference With Cooling System

Modern computer cases are designed with cooling systems that circulate air to maintain optimal temperatures for components.

Placing Funko Pops in inappropriate locations can interfere with these airflow patterns, disrupting the effectiveness of cooling fans or liquid cooling systems.

This can result in poor heat dissipation and may cause performance degradation and hardware damage.

Damage To Components

Funko Pops may appear innocent and harmless, but they can inadvertently cause damage to your CPU or GPU.

Accidental contact or falls can lead to scratches, dents, or even dislodgement of crucial components inside the motherboard. These damages can affect the performance and longevity of your computer.

Alternate ways for displaying

Although it may seem irrelevant, you might want to try new display ideas if you don’t have the space inside your PC.

  1. On Shelves: Install shelves above or beside your PC setup to create a dedicated display area for your Funko Pop figures. You can arrange by theme, series, or other criteria.
  2. Mounted On A Wall: Install floating shelves or display racks on the wall behind or beside your PC to showcase your Funko Pop collection. This option is ideal if you are short on desk space.
  3. On A Monitor Stand: If you have a monitor stand with enough space you can place Funko Pop figures on top of it to add some personality to your workstation.
  4. In a Display Cabinet: Invest in a small display cabinet or in a small curio cabinet to house your Funko Pop near your PC This option provides both protection and visibility for your figures.
  5. DIY Display Stand: Get creative and make your display stand using Materials like wood, acrylic, or PVC pipes. Customize it to fit your PC setup and the size of your Funko Pop figures.

Here is a thorough article on ideas to display funko pop that you might wanna check.

Till then, Happy Collecting!


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