What is the average age of Funko Pop collectors?

We all know toys and figures attract only children or kids but what about Funko Pops? These ordinary vinyl figures should also be for kids, right? Well as a 31-year-old man, let me tell you that this is quite the opposite.

According to the company, 36% of the total funko collectors are aged between 25 and 35 with a ratio of 54% male and 46% female. The rest estimations are as- age: 18-24= 24%, 35-44= 21%, 45-54= 11%, 55-64= 5%. Funko pops don’t have features of a typical toy like walking, flying or talking. It’s rather more popular among adults as a collectible.

I am not saying kids can’t play with them, but they are not so exciting from a child’s perspective. Instead, they look way cooler in a display cabinet holding their values and making you proud.

6 Major Reasons Why Adults Keep Collecting Funko Pops

I cannot say the exact reason for you but as a Funko collector myself, I can vouch for these reasons to be one of them.


They remind me of my childhood action heroes and characters that I grew up watching. So, in a sense, there is still a kid inside me that seeks those figures, not my 9-5 working mature version.

Having them in my display gives me a feeling of actually having the real characters close to me. It doesn’t sound very mature but it is what it is.

a hand holding Jake 33 toy wars exclusive funko pop

Now there are a couple of other factors that lead me to collect more not just because of nostalgia. I mean, it could have been any other typical action figure why funko pops, right?

This is where the value comes into play.

Monetary Benefits

Well, one of the main reasons is (which is a bit controversial) the growing value. Funko pops tend to have a much higher value than any other toys or action figures out there in the market.

Have you ever seen a toy selling out for hundreds and thousands of dollars? The answer is probably no.

Now, imagine having a toy that could potentially give you a financial benefit. Of course, not every funko pop grows higher in value but there are a significant amount of pops that do.

Take a look at the estimated value of any San Diego Comic-Con limited pieces like this Deadpool 20. We typically don’t buy something that expensive for our children just to play with it.

This is not a regular kids toy at this point.

Having a Collectors Mind

Another reason is being a collector. Some people have a notion of collecting vintage.

It can be anything from dresses to coins to sports cards and whatnot. However, Funko Pop still hasn’t come to the age to be called a vintage but it’s been over 20 years so, it’s going there.

The monetary value plays a big role on top of that as most collectors somewhat see values besides personal reasons.

Satisfaction of Owning Something Rare

Having something that no one or very few people have is always prouder. It’s not every day you find something that only 100 people in the world have.

Having those uncommon and rare pieces makes us feel lucky and special. This means a great deal as a collector as they are hard to get hands-on. This is like a chasing game. If you are a fan then you know what I am trying to say.

Vast Range of Characters and Exclusives

Funko has a remarkable range of franchises linked with them including Disney, Marvel, DC, TV shows, Anime, Cartoons and the list goes on. So they were able to reach out to viewers of different fandoms across the world.

They also acquired Mondo in June 2022 which gave them more wings. If you don’t know, Mondo is a well-known company for limited-edition releases. There are toys, VHS, limited edition mugs and a few other collectibles.

Apart from that, take a look at the exclusive versions Funko has made and still making. This is crazy. It’s quite impossible to give you the exact numbers but here is an estimation I published that might help.

Collecting Autographs On The Box

If you are a pop culture collector, you certainly know how much it means to have your favourite piece signed by the actor or author himself. But, getting them signed can be a little tricky if you don’t have any boxes.

Take any out-of-box action figure for example. Where would you get it signed? Not on the figure I believe.

renji 348 funko pop in a acrylic case signed by wally wingert on a wooden table

Funko Pop boxes are almost as popular as the vinyl figure itself and it determines the value of the pop. Having a mint box with an acrylic window gives you the room you need for the autograph and quotes from your icon.

It can also double if not triple the value of the pop. So, once you start collecting, you know how uncomplicated it is to keep your autographs safely for a long period. This normally doesn’t go so smoothly for other action figures.

So don’t throw away the boxes.

Yearly Convention Events

We all know how important the comicon events are. It’s like a holy destination for all pop culture enthusiasts.

Though it’s not only about funko pops, they are one of the big players out there. You can’t really imagine a comicon event without Funko. Take a look at the San Diego Comicon Festive 2023.

People from different cultures and countries gather together to get their exclusive pops first-hand. I think events like these encourage more people to get familiar with pop culture in general which leads to funko pops as well.

Did Funko Choose Their Audience As Adults?

Funko under Brian Mariotti since 2005 has seen a massive change in the company’s goal. They well knew that adults in their early middle age have more capabilities of spending money on their favourite things.

People at that age are prone to have more freedom and room for their hobbies. So why not target this huge fandom of the entertainment industry?

Another way to look into this is the age of the viewers. Take Japanese anime/manga for example. They may be animations but mostly for viewers over 18 years.

Shows like DBZ, Naruto, One Piece, Jijutsu Kaisen, Attack on Titans and many more have earned millions of fans over the years who are mostly adults. So any collectibles related to them naturally attract the appropriate audience that has spending potential.

So the company chose the “pop culture” community and built something simple yet elegant that they couldn’t refuse. Not to mention the value and stuff that came as the cherry on top.

Are Funko Pops Only For Adults Then?

I would say pops are for anyone regardless of their age. Kids can play with them while adult collectors can raise a bar in their collection.

However, if you compare pop with Legos, kids are more into building Legos. Things they can do something with.

Funko Pops don’t have the appealing features like other toys but they still look like one. It basically represents the characters we have seen on TV or read about in a book.

But whatever the case, Funko Pop has earned an enormous fanbase that includes all ages. A kid may not have a collection like an adult but they do love to see their favourite characters as a figure.

Either way, it’s a win-win for the company.


Ahmed is the creator of popnculture.com a website that's dedicated to pop culture enthusiasts. He is a passionate toy and funko pop collector and loves to help people who started collecting.

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