How High Is High Enough For Stacking Funko Pops

Stacking funko pops on top of one another and making a wall is something we funko collectors do all the time. But I’ve seen people building massive walls without thinking about the possible damage.

That being said, don’t stack more than 4 boxes if you don’t have protectors. But if you are using pop protectors, you can go up to 10-15 boxes, depending on the quality of the protectors. Remember, the bottom pops may get warped if you go too high due to the weight.

Below are more details on things you should consider before stacking your pops. I will also discuss the alternative options.

How High is Risk-Free

If you are an in-box funko pop collector, you have come across this idea as it is the easiest solution to display or store them. And it’s completely fine as long as you don’t hurt them.

Stacking or building walls depends on how protected your pops are. Are you using protectors to support them? If the answer is no, take my advice and don’t go higher than 5.

If you answer yes, you can make a wall significantly higher than that margin. But there are some risk factors you have to take into consideration.

How Much Weight Should You Put On a Funko Pop

Funko pop boxes are made of thin cardboard and acrylic windows, and they are fragile. Therefore, the structure is easily damageable.

I’ve measured the weight with a weight machine, and it seems the standard pops weigh somewhere between 150-180g max. So putting a 1000g weight on a 150g fragile cardboard will not be a wise thing to do IMHO.

measuring five funko pops weight on a weight machine on top of a work table

If the weight gets more than 700g, which is about 5 pop boxes, you should be concerned. This is if they are without soft or hard cases. Pops that are inside protectors can tackle more than that, of course.

What Could Go Wrong

In the worst-case scenario, your pop window may get bent, causing structural damage. Don’t forget about the base as it also could face problems due to the top pressure.

As they are standing on each other, there is also a chance of a fall. Imagine dropping (I can’t) a rare piece dropped on the floor from the top of your wall. It happens to collectors pretty often who are building high stacks without any protection.

I mean, your pet might jump on it accidentally, kids in the house, or someone else can trip over.

Safety Tips

Now, let’s talk about things you should ensure before stacking them.

  1. Make sure they all have their protectors on.
  2. You must stack the pops against a wall for proper support.
  3. Try not to build a stack with more than 15 pops.
  4. If you have kids or pets in the house, build it out of their reach.
  5. Start with the bigger or heavier pops.
  6. Hanging shelves are excellent for keeping pops above the ground.
  7. Don’t keep them anywhere near direct wind.
  8. Try using hard cases for the bottom ones.

Alternative Safe Ways To Build Pop Walls

There are a number of ways and methods when it comes to displaying your funko pops. You can find many display shelves in marketplaces that are built explicitly for funko pops. Shelves that allow you to arrange the boxes separately from one another.

Please go through this article, where I’ve explained every possible option to display funko pops to see what suits you.

Till then, Happy Collecting!


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