10 Facts to Consider Before Throwing Out Funko Pops Boxes

If you are new to the game and wondering what to do with all these funko pop boxes, I have a few things to tell you.

As every collectible grows in value over time, you must protect your investment from any damage. Keeping your pops in their boxes ensures safety like nothing else. So, display your funko pops as you like, but don’t damage or throw the empty boxes without knowing their value.

I will give you every possible fact to consider so you can decide whether you want to keep the boxes. I will also talk about the alternative option to throw away the boxes.

1. Does Empty Box Have Any Value?

Yes, they do. You will be surprised to know that there are dedicated groups on reddit/facebook for trading and selling empty boxes and plastic inserts.

People once used to throw out the boxes more than they do now as the aftermarket value started shooting to the moon. Therefore, the demand is always there for empty inserts and boxes to complete the loose pops.

I hope you understand that throwing out the boxes is not really a smart thing to do unless you don’t care about value at all.

2. What About Expensive Grails?

Limited Edition rare pops like Freddy Funkos or SDCC 2013 Ghost Rider Metallic can be very expensive. There are pops worth thousands of dollars.

Ask yourself, would you buy an out-of-box pop for what it is actually worth in the box? My answer would be simply- No!

If a pop is worth $500 in mint box, I don’t know about you, but I will want to buy it for $100-$120 max. So, is the box playing a big role in my purchasing decision? Yes, it is.

Therefore, funko pops that are worth way more should be protected. But if you don’t care, who cares right?

3. The Unique Design of The Box

Let me tell you, it’s not just the figure. The box also has a unique art that distinguishes Funko Pop from other collectibles.

Look at that Adam Warlock box; the detail they put is admirable, and it is one of the reasons that you cannot ignore. This is why it matters to so many collectors who want to keep it. Not everything is about resell value.

So, if you think the boxes are designed to be kept, keep them.

4. The Big-Sized Pops

Now, this really can bother you from the space perspective. Funko has some special oversized pop lines like 6-inch and 10-inch, pop towns, multiple packs, and movie scenes.

You have to agree that big-sized pops are like action figures. I mean, look at my Hulkbuster. There is no way I am keeping it in the box. They are way more enjoyable when out of their packages.

red and green colored Hulkbuster funko pop in front of albus dumbledore pop on a work desk

Pop Towns and Movie Scene funkos also make sense to display out of the box. You can easily tell that they have a different purpose.

It doesn’t feel right to keep them inside their boxes, unlike the regular 4-inch pops.

5. Grading The Pop

There are companies you can grade your collectibles from, like- PSA. What happens is that you send your collectibles, and they will examine and rate the condition. It goes from collectible cards to funko pops.

For the funko pop, you have to send your pop in the box. They’ll send it back with a certification of rating or grade out of 10. The higher the rating, the more expensive and valuable it becomes.

Sending your pop out of the box is not an option here. So, if You ever want to grade your pops, treat your boxes well. That means you should keep it.

6. Exclusive Convention Sticker

Do you know the major difference between a common pop and an exclusive? The stickers they have on their boxes.

There are many pops where stickers are the only thing that makes a difference. Without it, they’ll look the same. So, if you’re getting rid of the boxes, there is no way to tell if it’s common or exclusive, unlike chase versions.

Two funko pop boxes on a laptop with exclusive convention stickers

Now, I know not all the exclusives pose high value, but many pops do. I am talking about things like Comic-Con limited editions, glow in the dark, and so on.

You might want to take this into consideration before throwing away the boxes.

7. Celebrity Autographed Funko Pops

Another very important fact is getting your pops signed by your favourite actors or celebrities. Where would you get them signed if you got no box?

Anakin Skywalker 271 funko pop signed by matt lanter

The box is your only go-to choice for autographs. There is not enough space or place on the figure to get a proper autograph.

So, if you intend to get them signed, please make sure you store the boxes. You can get some cool ideas about storing your funko pops from this article I wrote.

8. Protecting The Pops From Damage

Funko Pop boxes are not just any cardboard; to me, it’s like their cozy houses with unique designs.

The box will act as a shelter and protect the pop from dust and any other potential damages like dust, marks or scuffs.

blue colored captain america funko pop in a hand

Consider this if you are planning to display them without boxes. However, you can also display them inside a glass cabinet display.

Check out my complete display guide here.

9. Do They Lose Value If You Take It out of A Box?

Taking a funko pop out of the box never depreciates its value; damages do. Damaged or loose pops lose value down the road. So, knowing the right way to open a box can be crucial here.

You definitely should take them out of their boxes to enjoy what you bought. All I am saying is to be careful when opening them. You don’t want to make any tabs or creases, as they will lose value.

9 out of the boxes funko pops inside a white tv stand

It should not matter what you do with your funko pops as long as you don’t damage them.

You can also keep the boxes aside and display them in a glass cabinet to protect them from dust and dirt. As long as there are no signs of wear, it will be considered a mint, no matter how many times you’ve opened them.

I have opened and cleaned so many pops and sold them for their value without getting any negative feedback. There is nothing wrong with it if you mention clearly that it’s been opened.

10. Can you sell Funko Pops out of the box?

Of course, you can, but you will get about 30% of the market value. And they take more time to find the right buyer.

So, the reselling process becomes very slow compared to a boxed pop. Again, don’t worry about these too much if you only collect them to have fun and have no intention of selling/trading them.

Just do whatever you like to do.

Want to Get Rid of Unwanted Boxes Anyway?

Giveaway or sell your unwanted boxes to people who are looking for empty boxes and inserts only. I mean, why not?

If you have decided you are gonna throw them anyway, why not give them to people who want them? You can make some extra bucks.

Look for groups like- buy & sell funko boxes or inserts on eBay, Mercari, Reddit or FB.

I hope this will help you better understand and decide what to do with your collection. Let me know in the comment box if I’ve missed something.

Happy Collecting!


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